Connecting a scarf and knitting it in the round

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone had a great holiday (US peeps)
Been a long time since I’ve been to the forum, but have a few questions for you. I found a great pattern for a scarf, but I wanted to knit it in the round and sort of make it a hood/faux moebius without the criss cross.
It’s knit lengthwise and it’s a multiple of 8+5 so that’s not a problem as I will make it shorter in length. It would be too long as the scarf now measures 60".
So my question is that if I were to join in the round there are k2 for the rs and ws rows at the beg and end of each repeat. I am assuming that it’s part of the foundation. So I would not need to add that into my new round. Also, any purl rounds and purl sts, I would just knit. I hope that made some sense.
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The k2 sts would probably be for the edges which you wouldn’t have in the round. You may be able to drop off both sets, so your pattern may be a multiple of 8+1. And if the WS rows are purled you knit them, however if it’s a mix of purls and knits you may have to reverse their order too. Do you have a link to the original pattern? That would help.

Thanks Suzeeq! It does make sense and yes I do believe it would be an 8+1.
It’s a purchased pattern so I can’t link the directions. I purl on all the rs rows. 1, 3, 7, 9, etc. It’s a 12 row lace repeat with no p sts on any of the even rows.
Here’s a link of the scarf so you can see what the finished product looks like.
I think that I may cast on a few repeats and see if the pattern goes well if I would delete the four sts in the foundation.

Interesting looking pattern. Have fun with it!

I will and thanks! Will have to post some pics when it’s done. It seems to be a pretty easy knit.