Confusion with instructions

A new knitter, I am working on hat (done on circular needles) which will be felted. Made it through the 3rd line of instruction with Aby’s help (from this site), and now on the 4th line of the instructions , I need help again. The instructions say:
K8, K2 tog (90 sts) for 6 inches from CO (BTW, the cast on was 100 sts). Okay, so for this first row, I will K8, K2 tog to the join and that will reduce the stitches to 90 from CO. But that pattern (K8, K2 tog) is done for the first row only, right? Then I continue straight knitting for the next 6 inches.
The same question then is for the next line of instructions K7, K2 tog (80 sts) for 15 inches from CO. So again, I do the pattern for the first row only, and then straight knitting for the next 15 inches.
After that, the instructions start for the crown of the hat.
Do I have this right? Just do the instruction for the first row and then continue straight knitting for the required length?

Yes, I think that’s right. At first I thought it would be way too big, but then I see that it’s felted! Makes a big difference.