Confusion re RS and WS

Starting a sweater. After I cast on, pattern says row 1 is “(WS) purl” followed by second row being the RS and start of herringbone stitch.
My question is: after I cast on and turn my needle, my cast on tail is on the right with my working yarn. Doesn’t that mean that is the RS? Not sure what I’m missing. Any help you can give would be appreciated! Thank you!

What cast on are you using?? Usually what happens is that after u finish casting on you put the needle with all the sts on it into your left hand and start with the first row.

Is that what you’re doing?? If that is what is happening and u are using the long tail cast on, both the working yarn and the tail will be on the needle in your left hand with all the sts. And you can begin your purl row, which will be the WS. (According to this pattern)


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Thank you for responding. I’m using long tail, and yes, I’m starting first row with stitches on left needle and tail and working yarn at point end. So when I do first row, I’m purling and pattern says that’s the WS. When I get to second row, tail is now at opposite end from working yarn and I’m working the right side now. I guess what I’m asking is can a R S be the side where tail and working yarn are at opposite ends. Most of time, RS is side where tail and working yarn are together. Is it ok for RS to sometimes be side with tail and working yarn on opposite ends? Thank you!

When I use long tail cast on, I always have a bit of yarn hanging from my work that I have to weave in later on. To me, it sounds like you’re doing it right. As you move back and forth on the needle, if you are using two needles, the tail and the working yarn are always going to be switching what side they are on. I hope this helps.

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If that’s what the pattern says, then that’s what it’s supposed to be. I hardly ever pay attention to that tail end of yarn once I’ve knitted beyond the first row.

Be sure to post a picture of your project when you’ve completed it!!!


One tip I got from watching a video was to put a lockable stitch marker somewhere on the right side of your work.

Thanks, everyone. Very helpful! I appreciate your comments.