Confusion Over Pattern - Would Love Someone to Help!

Hi there,

I’m new to this forum, so apologies if I do anything wrong! And hello to everyone!

I have a query over a pattern, which I cannot decipher. I don’t know if it is me being a bit dim or if it genuinely doesn’t make any sense.

The pattern is a Louisa Harding scarf called Zelda, and it is knitted using Luzia fluffy wool. I’m using 8mm needles (US 11) and have got to a section that requires a split in the scarf. Sorry for rather long instructions:

Row 29: Knit.

Row 30: K1, P19, K1.

Now work vertical split as folls:

1st side of split

[B]Row 31 (RS)(dec): K1, (K2tog) 5 times, turn work leave rem 10 sts on needle. (6 sts)

Row 32: P5, K1.
Row 33: K6.

Row 34: P5, K1.

Row 35: K6.

Break yarn, leave these 6 sts on needle.

2nd side of split

[B]Rejoin yarn to 10 sts left on needle.

Row 31 (RS)(dec): (K2tog) 5 times. (5 sts)[/B]

Row 32: K1, P4.

Row 33: K5.

Row 34: K1, P4.

Row 35: K5.

Work the last 2 rows once more.

Join top of vertical split.

Row 36 (WS): K1, P4 from 2nd side of split, then P5, K1 from 1st side of split. (11 sts)

Row 37 (RS)(inc): K1, (K into front and back of next st) 10 times. (21 sts)

I’ve highlighted in bold my confusion. Essentially, when I start Row 31, I don’t understand how I get to row 32. I have the remaining 6 stitches, but they have not been knit on row 31. Do I slip them and then carry on, or do I break and attach the yarn to the end of the 6 stitches after turning and carry on?

I’m also slightly confused with the instructions around the 10 stitches being reduced to 5. If the initial reduction was row 31, how is it that another reduction is still called row 31? Is the pattern wrong in stating that there are 2 row 31s on one side, and no row 31 on the other?

I hope that all makes sense - I can’t get it straight in my head so I don’t think my explanation is that clear. If anyone could look over the pattern and explain it a bit to me, as well as kind of figure out what I mean, I would really appreciate it!

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

This is a keyhole scarf and on row 31 you begin the opening in the middle of the scarf. You start the row with 21sts on the needle but you’re only going to work across 11sts (k1, (k2tog) 5 times) then you’ll turn and work back on the same sts (now 6sts because of the decreases). Leave the unworked 10sts on the needle or on a stitch holder if you prefer. You’ll get to them later and work [I]their[/I] row 31 further down in the pattern. See the instructions for “2nd side of split”.