Confusion about starting intarsia

Im working on this project I got out of the Stitch and Bitch book and Ive been knitting it and pulling it apart for about the 5th time. I need to know how to start off intarsia kniting properly midpattern and how best to do it. The book unfortunatly give very vauge instructions and since watching the intarsia video I have had alot of confusion cleared up, on the other hand I would like it know how to start it off properly so that I don’t have to keep ripping it out mid pattern.

the peice I’m working on is the queen of hearts bikini and Im trying to work on the bottems where the heart begins.

please help!

picture shown is of the same project found online from someone else

You can start knitting with the white and weave in the end later, but this can leave a small hole, which you wouldn’t want in a bikini. :teehee:

What I do is kind of hard to explain, but I’ll try. A few stitches before the color change, start weaving in the end of the white yarn by inserting your needle to work the red stitch, then put the white yarn over the right needle tip from back to front–counter clockwise–wrap the red, remove the white and finish the red stitch. This should catch the white yarn. It has to come up from under the red to work, though, so you may have to play with it a bit.

Do it for a few stitches before and you won’t have to worry about weaving in the end later.