Confusion about decreasing in the round

Hello all,

So I’m trying to knit a 2-color stranded pair of socks. The pattern for your reference can be found here:

I’m knitting the size 7.5/9 size (middle value in the ##-##-##). The pattern says "…at the same time on 5th round of diagram M.3, dec 1 st on each side of marker mid back. Repeat dec every 5th round a total of 9 times. The start of M.3 begins with 60 sts and after M.3 and all the decreases I’m supposed to end up with 42 sts.

By my calculations if I decrease on each side of the marker every 5th row (the pattern is 22 rows long) I’ll only decrease a total of 8 stitches not the 18 called for in the pattern. I can’t figure out how to decrease every 5th round 9 times when the pattern is less than 45 stitches.

Any input would be most helpful.


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The wording [I]is[/I] confusing. Continue the decreases after you’ve knit M.3, when you knit with one stand of Alpaca and one of Fabel. There should be just enough room to get in the 9 pairs of decreases.
You can see the shaping continues in one of the photos here:
Here’s the pattern:

Great looking knee socks.