Confusing Yarn Over Instruction

Hi!! It’s me again! I am working the same cardi pattern (juliette) and I am starting the lace panels but I have a question about how to do something. The chart calls for a yo&yob in the same stitch. The pattern says a yob is a yarn over back, which is explained as yarn over back-bring the yarn behind the needle and over.

Am I missing something or is that not the same as a normal yarn over? If it helps, the stitch that comes before that one is a purl stitch but the one after that is a knit stitch.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give!!

I’m sorry! I just saw that in the written chart instructions, they specify whether they want a yo or a yob! It doesn’t ask for both at the same time! haha Sorry!! I don’t know how to remove these posts so I’m just letting you know before you spend time on it!

Don’t worry about leaving the posts. They may help someone else when they search. :slight_smile:

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