Confusing Stitch

Hello Everyone

I am attempting to make a top hat that was in knit1 magazine the winter 2006/07 issue.

The pattern goes as follow:

CO 6sts divide evenly over 3dpns. Place marker and join for knitting in the round. (I get this part)

Rnd 1 [Dbl inc, p1]3 times -12 sts. The pattern describe this stitch as [k1,p1 and k1]in st.

Am I suppose to do all this in one stitch without pulling off the left needle hook until the last k1 is done?

I hope someone can help me or guide me to where I can get help.

Thanks in advance.

Yup that pretty much sounds like you have it right. basicly you have 6 stitches, and you end up with 12, so you’re increasing each needle by 3 with the last stitch as your 4th.