Confusing pattern

hello there,

I am working through a pattern for an aran sweater. At the the fourth row the pattern reads as follows

“4th and every following alternate row: k.where k sts indicated and P where P stitches are indicated. These four rows (the last 4 i assume) give the double moss st. border patt. over first and last 8 stitches and are repeated throughout”

the pattern then continues through to “16th row” however 6,8, 10, 12, and 14 are omitted and 16 reads “see 4th”. as far as i can tell this is because the 4th row say “and every following alternate row” however the the fourth row doesn’t seem to have any stitch information on it?

does anyone have any ideas?

Yes, the 4 rows make sense as the double moss st pattern. Different patterns define moss st slightly differently but uaually it’s two rows of knits and purls followed by a row of knit the purls and purl the knits and a repeat of this row as row four. Since on the even rows you work the sts as they appear, they’re often ommitted in the directions. Sounds like row 16 should just be a repeat of row 4.
Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name?