Confusing pattern

HI guys…im knitting a v neck vest and its my first time. ive finished with the back of the vest and now im doing the front. I had a total of 58 sts The pattern says:

Row1: Patt2tog, patt 26, turn, leave rem 30 sts on holder. Working on 27 sts only follow :

Row2: Patt to last 2 sts, patt2tog

now im left with 26sts on the needle and 30 on the holder
ive done the above successfully…now the pattern says:

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Work 2 rows dec 1 st at armhole edge in every row AT SAME TIME dec 1 st at neck edge in next row[/COLOR]

i dunt get it…wat do i do ? can someone kindly explain in a much simpler way? all help will be greatly appreciated…

Patt 2 tog, means knit or purl the next sts tog, however it works out in the pattern. So do a dec, work in the pattern over the next 26 sts and turn. For the WS work in the pattern and dec at the end of the row.

The armhole edge is the right edge when yoi look at the RS of it, the neck edge is where you turned, leaving the sts on the holder. So you dec 1 st at the armhole on both RS and WS rows, and [B]also[/B] dec at the neck edge on the RS row.

Ok in short do u mean:

Row 1: dec 1 st at both ends (I.e decrease 1 at arm edge n 1 at neck edge)
Row 2: dec 1 st at armhole edge



Working at the V neck now, the pattern says to pick up n knit 45 stitches on the left side. No matter how hard I try I’m just getting max number of 40 stitches on each side! My question is that can I pick up more than 1 stitch from a single stitch on the neck ?

You might have a little larger gauge, and knit less rows on the shoulders. It’s okay to have less sts if it looks right; putting in too many sts may make the neckband pucker. The number of sts a pattern says to pick up is more of a suggestion, you need a number that fits in your space.

i had my knitting project on a halt for a while and now im back with even more issues!!! the neck isn’t as easy as i expected! i have picked up the stitches and now im off to making the neck band in rib pattern. Now, my situation is as such:

i have:

43 stitches on the left side
1 center stitch
43 + 22 stitches on the right side + back of neck

i have marked the center stitch so as not to get confused.

now the pattern says:

row 1:
Rib to 3 sts at centre of V, insert needle purlways through back of 2nd st then 1st st and slip both sts off needle tog. purl next st then pass 2 slipped sts tog over purl st. Rib to end

Row 2:

Rib to 3 sts at centre of V, insert needle knitways into 2nd st then 1st st and pass both sts off needle tog, knit next st then pass 2 slipped sts tog over knit st, rib to end.

at the end the center st comes out as a clean straight line…but i am getting confused with the above pattern. SHould i just follow it literally as written…or is there any easier explanation to this?

kindly help…

Rib to 3 sts at centre of V, insert needle purlways through back of 2nd st then 1st st and slip both sts off needle tog. purl next st then pass 2 slipped sts tog over purl st. Rib to end

This is a purled double dec, and do just what it says. Put the needle in the 2nd st from the back if to purl, then into the 1st and slip them to the right needle, p the next st, then move the 2 sl sts tog over it.

Do the same thing on the next row, except as a knit.

ok im done with the neck ribbing but sadly the center did not come out as a straight line of v’s!!! i followed the pattern as that when i was told to “knit” the center stitch i was working on the rs of work and when i was told to “purl” the center stitch i was on the ws of work. however my work kinda looks slanting not a straight line of v’s!!! wat do i dooooo

does the center stitch move while i decrease? cos im marking it with a safety pin and decrease 2 stitches from the marked stitch…

The center stitch should be the exact center of the 3 st decrease. So you should rib to the st before it, then it’ll be the 2nd of the sts you slip together.

i got ur point now…abt the center stitch being the second of the stitches i slip…i also discovered that i was bringing the yarn fwd b4 slipping the stitches for the purling case, which was causing a huge difference, now the stitches are in a straight line but still they r not a straight line of v’s…i suppose when i purl, a purl line is formed which alters the design…im still not sure if wat im doing is rite…any ideas?

Are you knitting in the round or back and forth? Since it says ‘row’ I’m thinking it’s knit flat then you sew up, and you decrease on every row. So the purl decrease happens on the WS, but you should see it on the RS. If you have to, when you come to the p dec on the RS, then just move the sts around so they match the knit decreases. If you’re knitting it in the round, then do all knit decreases.

this is probably the last hope i have left … i feel maybe the portion where it says " purl thru the back of 2nd stitch and then thru 1st stitch" is wat im doing wrong

wat im doing is…i insert the needle purlways thru back of 2nd stitch, then bring up the needle and insert it into the 1st stitch knitways…is that right?

Yes it is. You insert the needle into [I]both[/I] sts at once and slip them together. You’re missing the ‘tog’, treat both sts as if they were one.

thnk u soooo sooo much for ur help and patience in continously replying to my questions hehe…however, today was a good day…i started off with the neck and it came out perfect…i dont know wat i did this time but watever it was it worked !!! now im just off to finishing it real fast…thnks