Confusing pattern

I’m knitting a sweater but I’ve never done it before. I’m just looking for someone to interpret this pattern! (It matters because the sweater is going to be a gift!)

Dec 1 stitch at armhole edge as before, on next and every following alternating row 5 times more, AT SAME TIME, dec 1 stitch at front edge on every following row from previous dec 9 times more (???) until 14 st remain
contineue even until armhole measures same length as Back to beginning of shoulder shaping ,ending with RS facing for next row.

This is all worded strange and I’m confused - experienced knitters please help!

At the same time usually means you’re going to be doing shaping at both ends of the row - but at different rates.

At the armhole edge dec 1 st on the next row and every [I]other[/I] row after that for a total of 6 times. AND ALSO dec 1 st at the neck edge on [I]every[/I] row (counting from the previous dec at the neck edge) 9 more times. Then you should have 14 sts left and continue to work with no decs (even) until the armhole is the same length as the armhole on the back piece up to where the shoulder shaping begins and you’ve just finished at WS row so the next row will be a RS row.

Sounds like a Debbie Bliss or other british pattern.