Confusing pattern

I wanted to make an afghan with the diamond pattern. It calls for stitches in multiples of eight. Reading through before I start, I realized that beyond the first row, none of the row patterns add up to eight. For example Second Row K1* P5, K2 repeat from * Subsequent rows all start with K1 or P1 but remaining stitches never add up to 8. Before I get 160 stitches cast on, is there a mistake here or am I just not seeing the pattern? It seems I’ll run out of pattern stitches at the end of the row given the pattern is in multiples of 8

I believe the K1 counts as one then the following stitches add up to 8.It looks like that let me know how it turns out

Maybe you still continue with the K1 or P1 then so with the 7 stitches

Does the pattern say multiples of 8 or multiples of 7 + 1? If it’s the latter, then you’d cast on a multiple of 7 stitches and then add 1–
15, 22, 29, 36, etc.

The pattern definitely specifies to work in multiples of eight. The asterik appears after the first stitch for each row which would eliminate the the first stitch as part of the count. I may try a small sampler ignoring the * to see if a pattern develops that looks correct.

Have you looked around on line to see if there is errata for the blanket? It may be a typo.

I think it’s a good idea to try a little. It could be that the pattern is wrong in saying 8 stitches if all the sections have 7.:shrug: