Confusing pattern

Hi all! I’m not new to knitting, but I am new to knitting off of patterns. I’ve mostly just stuck to hats, scarves and blankets for the last 15 years. I have this pattern that I am approximately 20" into, for a Men’s Cardigan. I saw some in an Irish shop for several hundred $$ and thought I could make one for myself for cheaper. Well, now I’m stuck because I can’t seem to interpret the pattern. This is the step I’m stuck at:

Shape Neck: At right edge, every 4 rows, decrease 1 st (14 times). When piece measures 19 3/4" (20 1/2"-21 1/4") from beg.

Then it’s the next step. My struggle is that my piece is 47 rows (2 longer than it should be), but if I decrease 1 st every 4 rows, 14 times, I would need at least 56 rows, if not 60. But if I’m reading this wrong and I’m supposed to go down instead of across, that is way more than 1 1/4"…


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Yes, the decreases will take 56 rows but they don’t have to be worked within 1 1/4". I’m assuming that the “When the piece measures…” is the beginning of a sentence? If that’s correct, what is the rest of the sentence?

Can you tell us the designer or source of the pattern, a book, magazine etc.? Is it a V-neck?

I bought the pattern off of Etsy, and “when the piece measures…” leads into the next step, to shape the arm hole.

I have a .pdf of the pattern, but the file is too large to attach.

That’s ok. We can’t post or attach large portions of patterns due to copyrights.
You’ll be shaping the armholes when you are 1 1/4" into the neck decreases.

That makes sense. Thank you! So keep doing the decreases into the directions for the armholes until I reach 56 rows?

This is the product I’m going for.

Very good looking.
Yes, keep working the neck decreases and while you’re still doing them, start the armhole decreases. This is what the 1 1/4" is telling you, the start of the armhole decreases.