Confusing pattern?

Hi everyone! Hope your knitting projects are going well :blush:

I want to knit a dress for my 10 year old sister. The pattern I found is here:

I’m a little confused about where it talks about increases though? In terms of as the sizes change, the amount of increases goes up - makes sense. But it says I have to keep them in line with the other increases. But there are only 8 increases so far? Very confused!

That’s such a nice idea and a pretty dress for your sister.
These are raglan increases where the sleeves and body of the dress join. If you look at the preceding inc rows, you’ll see that the number of sts between the increases goes up by 2sts in each row. Keeping the increases in the same position will have them form a neat line.
When you continue these increases (23 times if you’re making the 10-year old size) make sure that you place the increases along this line. They will have 2sts between increases at the sleeve/front or sleeve/back joins. This is one of those things that will be easier see with the stitches on the needles.
It may also help to use markers as a reminder of where to place the increases.