Confusing Pattern Instructions


Hi, everyone! I’m hoping someone can help me interpret these pattern instructions. I’m only a beginner knitter, but even my mum, who has knitting experience, is a bit confused.

It reads:
Knit in garter stitch (1st row is WS)…
…working last row on wrong side.
Cast off loosely knitways.

Is it telling me to do garter stitch on the wrong side for the first row and last row?
And is knitways just a spelling error or does it actually mean something?

Thanks for the help!


Hi Shana, Garter stitch is all knit stitches every row, which looks the same each side. Maybe the reason for needing to know the rs from the ws will become clearer later on in the pattern so mark the rs with a stitch marker, safety pin or a piece of scrap yarn.
Knitways/ knitwise ,depending where you are in the world, describes the way to work a stitch or stitches.( sometimes a pattern asks you to slip a st knitwise or purlwise as it causes the stitch to lie differently in the pattern - especially important in lace work)
Hope this helps,enjoy your knitting


Thank you for your help. I know what garter stitch is, I just thought it was weird that it specifically mentioned the first row being ws. But mentions noting about it being a particular type of stitch. But I’ll mark the rs and see what comes of it.

As for knitways, I’ve never seen it spelt that way before, that’s interesting. The more you know. :smile:


It looks the same on both sides, but because it tells you to do this I suggest adding a removable marker (like a safety pin) on the side that will be the front/outside. If that isn’t clear you can note it on your pattern. It helps a lot when you put your work down to know which side you are working on, too.

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I think sometimes they specify that right side/wrong side because even though it’s all garter stitch, when you bind off one side will look a bit different along the edge than the other side. They’re possibly just trying to make sure you have the better looking side facing out, or at least that’s my guess.