Confusing pattern direction - phone cozy

K, I’m still a “newbie” (only been knitting about 7 months). So, I’m having some trouble w/ some “tricky directions” for a fairly simple pattern. I’m practicing reading patterns so I’m not stumped with each new thing that comes up. . .

A couple of things are confusing me from this pattern (in [COLOR=“red”]red[/COLOR] below) from [U][B]Debbie Stoller’s Stitch 'n Bitch [/B][/U]book, for [COLOR=“Magenta”][B]Cricket’s Technicolor techno-cozy[/B][/COLOR]:

A = pink
B = lime

With A, CO 16 (18, 20) sts. [I](k, got that)[/I]
Working in ST st throughout, work 2 rows A, [I](got that too )[/I]
*4 rows B, 2 rows C, 4 rows B, [COLOR=“Red”][B]**[/B][/COLOR] 8 rows A. (K, [COLOR=“Red”][B]red [/B][/COLOR]flag!)
Direction from pg. 157 of this book states that when you see an asterisk, repeat what comes [I]after it [/I]for the number of times given, and that’s it – simple enough. So, is this a double-asterisk at the end of this instruction? If so, what does that mean? Am I going crazy? (moving right along. . . )
Rep from * 2 times more, then from * to ** once. [I](think I got that)[/I]Cont with A, work 2 rows. Piece should measure approx 10 1/2".
BO 2 sts, k to end of row.
BO 5 (2, 2) sts, [COLOR=“red”]p 0[/COLOR] (6,[COLOR=“red”]0[/COLOR]) (red flag #2) what does this mean [I]“p 0 ie. zero?” [/I]and why for the 2nd lgr. size does it jump to 6 and then for the next lgr size does it go back to zero – [B][I]how do I purl, BO or CO zero?[/I][/B] I won’t bore you with the rest (unless you want the rest, let me know I’ll add it). . . but as a (slightly OCD, I’ll admit) newbie can you see how this is might drive me batty? I’m stumped and refuse to jimmy-rig this.

Anyone help PLEASE – thanks! :muah:

It’s may mean the double asterisks show the end of the repeat. So you repeat from * to **.

Anytime you have a notation like ’ BO 5 (2, 2) sts’ the numbers in the () are for the other sizes. So after the BO, if you’re doing the small or large sizes, you skip that and go on to the next stitch. If you’re making the middle size, p6 and go onto the next stitch.

Great - thanks for that, but can you help with the [COLOR=“Red”]p0[/COLOR], [COLOR=“red”]BO 0[/COLOR], [COLOR=“red”]CO 0[/COLOR] reference? These are zeros and I’ve no clue how to understand this – thanks.

To purl or BO or CO 0, you just skip that instruction, there’s nothing to do there. So if a pattern reads “p 6 (2, 0), k3, p6” For the small size you p6, k3, p6; for the med you p2, k3, p6 and for the large you just k3, p6, forget purling any sts before the k3.

BLESS YOU! THANKS SO MUCH SuzeeQ. You’ve made my day!

Happy to help!