Confusing Instructions!!

I am attempting to knit a baby hat. Here’s what I’m finding confusing:

With straight needles and color A cast on 60 sts. Begin with a RS row, work in garter st for 2". End with a WS row. P next row for turning ridge.

Change to color B and cont in garter st for 3 1/2" end with a WS row.

Ok. My question is, once I change to color B, do I measure the 3 1/2" for ONLY color B or for colors A and B together??? (The whole thing so far).

Here is a pic of the hat from this set:

Yes, I think just from colour B as I presume there are instructions for the crown after the instructions you’ve given? I’m not too clued up for babies but how long are hats for them normally? 6 - 7 inches?

I agree, 3.5 inches for color B
Evie, yes, baby hats are around ~6.5-7 inches in height for 3-9months.

Thanks for your help. I’m going to try it with 3 1/2" for the 2nd color and see how that looks, compared to the picture. I can’t tell from the picture how tall the top part is. We shall see!!!