confusing instructions please help

“On rows 9, 11, 23, 25 and 32 the first stitch(es) will be the last
stitch(es) from the previous round.
On row 21 the last stitch will be the first stitch from the next round.”

What does this mean and how would I go about doing this. Also here are rows 8 & 9 for reference

Row 8) (K4 P4) repeat to last end.
Row 9) (P1B P1F P2) repeat to end of round.

(if someone could also describe “last end” to me I’d be extremely grateful!)


Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern and the designer?
Basically these instructions are telling you to move the beginning of round marker. In rows 9,11,23,25 and 32 move the marker one or more sts to the right. It sounds like the same thing is happening on round 21 where the last stitch will become the new beginning of round for the following round.
Usually these moves become clearer as you work the round. You have extra sts at the end of the previous round but that’s where you’ll be moving the marker.

“last end” is a bit obscure but perhaps knowing the pattern name will help.