First time forum bod desperate for help with a pattern.
I’m knitting a romper suit for a little one and I’m stuck working the raglan decrease.

The pattern says:

Cont straight on the rem 55 sts.
Cast off 2sts at the beg of the 2 next rows, then dec as foll, 2sts in from the edge:

[B]1 st 16 times every 2nd row.[/B] (This is the bit where I’m not sure what to do)
Once you have worked the last dec, work 1 row straight on the rem 19 sts and cast off all sts for neck.

So how do I lose the 32 stitches? The pattern is in stocking stitch. Do I dec 1 st at the beg of the knit row and then the beginning of the purl row, then do two rows?

I started dec on a knit row, did two rows then dec on the purl row but the piece was getting too big! I wasn’t reducing the width quick enough!

So sorry for the long post, but if anyone could help me decode the pattern I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you

Sally x

You want to decrease on rows 1,3,5,7,9 etc. If this is the back, I’m guessing that you’ll decrease at [B]each[/B] end, so work 2sts, decrease, work to 4sts from the end of the row, decrease, work 2sts.
That’ll decrease 2sts every other row.
Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name, please?

Hi Salmonmac,

Thank you so much for the reply!:hug:

I’ll have a go and see how it looks and measures.

The pattern is: Bergere de France - No 170 - Art. No 337.09 - Baby Romper Suit.

S x