1st dec row(right side) K5 {skpo,K14, K2tog,K7} 4 times, skpo, k14, k2tog, k5
work 7 rows.

I have tried doing this but I must be going wrong some where.
what 7 rows do I work please !

Hi and welcome!
Are you getting the first decrease row to work out ok?
Then, it’s likely that you work the next 7 rows in whatever pattern you’re doing: knit, purl or some pattern stitch.
What pattern are you making?

I am knitting a 50’s jacket which tapers into the waist. on a stocking stitch. it doesn’t say what stitches I shd have left I done the seven row dec from inside the brackets .or do I just work them as a stocking stitch which I think I might without decreasing.

2nd row dec becomes similar to the first which has 5 rows to work
on this basis when I get to the 5th dec row supposed to end up with 78 stitches having started with 128 sorry to confuse you.
will probably start again see which way works wont give up its a lovely jacket.

Sounds like you do the first decrease row then work 7 rows without decreases. Then the second dec row and work however many rows indicated.
The first dec row decreases 10sts to you’ll go from 128 to 118. If the remaining dec rows each dec 10sts that’ll get you to 78sts after the 5th dec row.
It makes sense that it’s a gradual shaping.
These vintage jackets can be wonderful. Enjoy knitting it.

thank you so much. have started again I am sure will have got it right this time… have very sore fingers lol