I have watched many of the video’s provided on this site. I am trying to get a better understanding of the difference between the knit stich and the stockinette stitch. I believe I am a combined knitter and I’m sick of all my projects curling. I have already asked about the curling, but if I am knitting a stockinette stich, then everything i do is wrong. I dont see a difference between the two. also what is blocking?

Hi there!

Stockinette stitch is simply when the right side of your item is all done in the knit stitch. It is acheived by knitting one row, purling the next, repeating on straight needles or by knitting every round on circulars.

My stockinette stitch rolls too, I think everyone’s does. But there’s a sticky post at the top of this forum that helps with that!

Blocking is when you are done with your project and you wet it and then shape it and let it dry.

I’ve only blocked a few scarves that I knit of wool so they would get softer and they did.

With the stockinette stitch, the right side will look like rows of v and the wrong side will be bumpy. It will curl no matter what unless you’re knitting in the round or you put a border like garter stitch around it. Check out the sticky about it.

i have read the entire thing in the sticky topic, but both the stockinette and knit stich look the same to me. the knit stitch you dont have the purl on the back?

There are two stitches in knitting - the knit stitch and the purl stitch, and the back of the knit is a purl, the back of the purl is a knit. These two combine to make stitch patterns. Garter is knitting every row, stockinette is knit a row, purl a row. Rib stitch is knits and purls on the same row. Knitting a piece in stockinette will curl on the edges and at the ends. The usual cure is to knit garter stitch borders, because they generally won’t curl. However, if something is narrow it may curl no matter how you’re making it. It would help if we had a picture of what you’re doing so we can identify where you’re at.