Okay, I am a fairly new knitter and am confused
by these bind off steps. Here goes, My pattern reads P1, *K1, P1 repeat from * across. I have 107 stitches on my needle. I am to bind off 4 stitches at the
beginning of this row. What is my next stitch after I bind off. Is it a knit stitch?

So it says bind of four and then P1, *k1, P1 ?

If so then bind off four then your next stitch is a pearl. Then you do knit purl to the end.
What are you making?

That is the pattern for that row that I am binding off. I am making a sweater and starting the armhole shaping.
I thought it would go like this but am I wrong?
P1, K1 (bind off P st.); P1, (bind off K st); K1 (bind off P stitch); P1 (bind off K stitch) (total 4) – next stitch in line is a Knit Stitch

You pattern would be pkpkpkpk etc.

When you bind off the 4, the next stitch [I]would[/I] be a knit, since you’d have the purl left on your needle from binding off the first 4.