On the Elann site, when talking about the hand dyed alpaca skeins, it says this:

Knit with two hanks in assorted rows (2-4) to assure an overall blended effect.

Is this saying that occassionally you are to pick up two strands instead of knitting with just the one, knit a few rows with a double strand, and then drop back to one strand? Wouldn’t this make the item lumpy in places and thin in others?

What am I missing in their directions? Thanks!

This means that you’ll only be knitting from one hank at a time, but switching which hank you are knitting from every 2 to 4 rows. Hand dyed yarns can some times “pool” the colors when knitting and using 2 hanks can help the pooling to not occur. You can carry the yarn from the unused hank up the side of the work while using the other hank.

I hope this helps!

Oh my… thank you. I would never have figured that out. hides

No problem - that is what we are here for! :hug:

This may seem obvious, but, in spite of what the directions say, DON’T try to knit directly from the hank. You’ve got to wind the hanks into balls first or you’ll find yourself working with an unholy tangled mess.

Then do what Sara Jayne says, alternating balls from each hank every couple of rows.

Thank you - I’ll be sure to do that. I have been using Amy’s instructions on making your own center pull hank/ball, and it works great.