I’m not sure what this means

Is it all of this you are stuck on or a particular part?

There must be 8 rows detailed prior to this which you are to repeat either once or twice more depending on the size you are making. Is it the second size? If so, you repeat the 8 rows once more.

Then there are 4 rows listed which you work.
These are repeated 5 more times for the second size, so 6 times total.

If it is something else let us know.

the part that confuses me is next 2 As 1st and 2nd inc. rows . Next row: K1 , M1 K to last st M1, K1

I assume there are increase rows within the 8 rows just worked.
Have you just worked some increases?

What is the pattern name/number and designer?

If you could let us know what you are making (e.g. hat, sweater) and what part you are working on (e.g. crown, sleeve) then it will be easier for us to help.