Am I missing something?
I have 55 stitches. I need to work 4 rows dec 1st at each end of every row. To me this means there will be 8 sts less - 47. The pattern is telling me I should have 43. I’ve already pulled it undone half way down as I thought I’d made a mistake somewhere but having reknitted I get the same result. What am I missing?

Could you copy and paste the section where this decrease is? Knitting patterns might be confusing and there is a risk that you might have misunderstood something. Also there is a risk that there might a mistake in the pattern. Regardless, having it verbatim, character by character helps.

Took a photo of pattern. It won’t copy/paste here. Sent it in separate email

Use the landscape icon in the center of the top banner in the Reply box to post a photo.

indent preformatted text ![image|429x1200](upload://7ucnowPXocJAfCsOyzozepg33Ih.jpeg) by 4 spaces

Thanks for headsup … however on my phone the landscape icon is in the bottom right corner. :joy:

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