Hi, I am knitting the “owl sweater” is pattern # C818 from Straker Classics” I was knitting both right& front of sweater together. But had to stop because the right side is where the buttonholes will go and it reads like this:
On # 3 needle cast on 55sts work 7 sts in garder st ( the pattern calls it G7) and work remaining sts in K1P1 ribbing making first of 7 buttonholes in 4th and 5th rows. Then to determine spacing, a) count all rows in left band. b)add one row to be worked in neckband before last buttonhole. c)Subtract 15 from your total (3 rows worked before first buttonhole; 2 rows for each of 6 buttonholes in front band). d) Divide by 6 obtaining number of rows to work between buttonholes.
Does this make any sense at all? I really don’t understand it. There has to be an easier way??
Thank you for taking the time to figure this out

This is the math for spacing out the buttonholes. It’s easier to work the left front first and then use Eunny Jang’s method for spacing out the buttonholes.

Hi there. Yes, it’s easy really. As the previous reply states you need to work out even spacing for the buttonholes.
The pattern is therefore asking you to work out the total number of rows, take off the three rows before the first buttonhole (they don’t count as they’re not Between buttonholes), add on the one row you’ll be knitting on the neckband before the last buttonhole (as this will be between the buttonholes) then divide by six because, as you have seven buttons there will be a total of six lots of spaces between the buttonholes, each one of which needs to be even (ie include the same number of rows) so the division is working that last bit out. Hope this helps

Hi Trish, thank you for detailed explanation. I was trying to work both sides at the same time, but I guess I can’t, I need to work the left band first so that I can get a total row count and then figure out the spaces for the buttonhole band, right??

Probably the best way to do it, yes. Remember to keep your really for the number of rows required on the other side though!!! :grin::+1:

Thank you Trish​:heart::+1: