Hi I’m trying to do a sleeve on a cardi and I’m kinda confused on this instruction, can someone dumb it down for me please :grin: Inc 1 st at each end of 3rd and foll 5 [4: 2: 0] alt rows, then
on every foll 4th row until there are 69 [73: 73: 77] sts, taking
inc sts into patt.

Do you have a link to the pattern? I’m going to take a stab at answering, but I’m not sure I’ve figured it out, either.
I think it’s telling you to increase 1 at each end of the third row, then it depends what size you’re doing as to how many of the upcoming alternate rows you increase on (first size: increase on the next 5 alt rows, second size: inc on the next 4 alt rows, third size, next 2 alt rows and no increases on alt rows for last size), then after that, for all sizes increase on each end on every 4th row.

Hi I’m not sure how to find a link, but I’ve screen shot it, hope that helps lol,

Yes I think you’re right, I kinda get it now, I was doing it that way but I started doubting myself lol thank you xx

I hope it works out - it’s really cute! Like I said, I’m not 100% certain I’m right but I tried lol.

Thanks, yes I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it so making it for my daughter, the way you explained it makes sense and I was doing it that way but the more I read it the more I got confused lol thank you again, fingers crossed :grin: x

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This will be less confusing if you print out the pattern. Read through the entire thing and circle or use a yellow highlighter to mark the stitches for the correct size throughout. You can also check mark each row as you complete it. It’s easy to get distracted with kids, phone, doorbell ringing. When I come back to it, if my row is not checked off, I know I did not complete it. I’m sure I know which row I’m on, then I totally forget. Especially if I’ve set it down for a few days or weeks. This will prevent that from happening. Also, be sure to write down the needle size and maybe mark your needles, especially if you have interchangeables that aren’t marked. You can also rewrite the pattern in your own words and keep it in a notebook where it won’t get lost, along with the brand of yarn you used and the color dye lot. I have a lot of rewritten patterns in the notes section of my cellphone. You can also store them in your downloads section or a books program. I put a lot of free PDF patterns in my iBooks or Kindle books section. Advantage is you always have your phone with you when shopping (for yarn, even though you’ve told yourself a million times you have enough)!

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