I have a question about a pattern I am doing and hope maybe someone can help. I’m super confused. The pattern:

  1. Work 2x2 rib until it reaches 3 inches ending with wrong side.
  2. Work even in stockinette stitch for 3 rows.
  3. Increase row(right side): k1, m1 to last two stitches, m1, k1-44 sts.
    Repeat last 4 rows for 16 more times

Ok so my question is how do I work the increase when it says to start on right side but I ended on right side with the 3 rows of stockinette sts. And what are the 4 rows it is talking about? I’m completely stumped. This is my first big project and it’s a cardigan.

  1. When you finish your 3 inches of rib, you should be on the wrong side (so on the back side of the work). If you only have the rib so far, it doesn’t matter too much as long as it’s the right length.
    I think there must be a mistake here, as you can’t end up on the wrong side and have the stocking stitch end on the wrong side as well after only 3 rows (unless doing reverse stocking stitch or something…). I can see how you got confused!
  2. Start the 3 SS rows with a purl row, rather than a knit row, so the next row will be a K row
  3. The 4 rows step 3 refers to are the 3 stocking stitch rows, followed by the increase row, which is the 4th.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! That makes sense. The pattern confused me so much with that 3 stockinette stitch ending and starting on the right side but you solution is great. It doesn’t even mention that in the pattern. So thank you again :blush:

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No problem, sometimes you do have to read between the lines so to speak, but glad I could help!