Hi everyone
I’m having trouble with the 6th and 5th last rows of my garment (the collar).

The pattern is a double-rib and I start the 6th last row with an even amount of stitches (118). The instructions say to cast off 6, then rib 18, then sl 1, K2 tog, psso, rib 3 (12 times), rib to end.

The 5th last row says to cast off 6 stitches, then rib to end. I have 2 questions.

After casting off 6 stitches in the first of those rows, do I count the single stitch I have on my right needle as the first of the “rib 18” instruction or should I start counting with the stitches on the left needle?

And when I do the second row, “cast off 6 and rib to end”, should there be a discernible double rib pattern that I am knitting into or should I just carry on regardless? Many thanks in advance. Karen.


Welcome to KH!
It’s a good question about whether or not to count the last stitch left from the cast off as one of the “rib 18”. Since the pattern doesn’t give the final number of sts, you can’t do the math. I’d take the instruction at its word and not count the stitch leftover from the cast off but proceed to rib 18 more sts. An alternative is to contact the designer.

You’re still in rib pattern on the last row, so it looks like you should follow the rib pattern of previous rows. When you say it’s double rib is that k2p2 rib? What is the name of your pattern?


Hi Salmonmac
Thanks for responding. The pattern’s name is Heirloom 450. It’s a birthday present for my 30 year old son. It’s lovely, but as a relative novice things have been a bit tense :grimacing:.

Since writing the question I have knitted the two rows by first NOT including the stitch left after casting off but it looked chaotic, so I undid them and redid it including that stitch. It looked much better. Including that stitch allowed me to keep the “sl 1, K2tog, rib 3” within 3 cables. Yes, the collar is K2,P2. See below. Karen


Good. Sometimes actually trying it out on the needles is the best way to tell. It’s a good-looking sweater and a wonderful gift.


Thanks :blush:. After all that, I hope he likes it. I chose a very deep blue.



That’s better