Hello everyone! I’m working on a glove pattern that has me K1b into a k3tog… I have tried doing this a couple of times and end up with dropped stitches. Can someone help me understand what I’m doing? Thank you!

What is the name of the pattern? Can you give us a link?
We can’t post large portions of patterns due to copyright but you could post the entire row with the k3tog and the next row with the k1b.

It’s the Helena gloves by Kristen Jancuk and they were in the spring 2016 Knitscene magazine.
It starts at row3 P2, sk2p, work Bee st (knit) to m, p1, work Bee st to last 5, k3tog, p2
Row 4 K2, work Bee st to m (K1b, k1), s1 m, M1R, k1, M1L, s1 m, work Bee st (K1b, k1) to m, k2
As you can see I have to knit 1 below on the k3tog and sk2p stitches but I just keep getting dropped stitches. Any help is very appreciated

You can get the k1b to work in the k3tog but it’s a struggle even with a crochet hook to grab the strand. I wonder if it wouldn’t look just as well with a plain knit stitch here at the edge?
You won’t have to work the k1b into the sk2p because that should be a knit stitch rather than k1b.

I know, right! I love the look of these!
I think doing a knit stitch would be okay too and then follow with the Bee st pattern. I’ll give it a try, thank you so much!