Confused with wyif and wyib in pattern

Hi there!

I am very new to knitting (third project!). I have this pattern:

[k5, wyif, s5, wyib]repeat to end.

I’ve seen the wyif and wyib but not together like this. How should I slip the stitches?


Bring your yarn in front of your needle (as if to purl) and slip the 5 stitches - then bring to the back (as if to knit) and knit 5 stitches.

What wanda said, and slip the stiches as if you were going to purl too.

Thank you very much! So, it is kind of redundant, isn’t it?

I don’t understand redundant. Sometimes you slip stitches with the yarn in back, but you’d still slip them purlwise. When you slip sts that aren’t going to have anything done with them in the same row, they’re slipped purlwise. When you slip them as in a decrease where you’re doing something to them in the same row (ssk or skp), you slip knitwise.

Thank you suzeeq. I haven’t thought about that. :thumbsup: