Confused with this site

This site is confusing me. I do not understand how to have a conversion with anyone. would anyone be able to help me with this?

This isn’t a chat site, it’s a forum. You post a message and people reply.

We have several forums for specific topics and a few like this one for more general topics. Choose which one suits your needs and then click the orange “[B][COLOR=DarkOrange]Start a New Thread[/COLOR][/B]” button. Then you can post your question or comment and people will reply to it.

Yes, i am in the same boat. I get into a thread, but then I don’t know to go back and find the answers to my questions. I usually find these by mistake

You can go to the Quick Links at the upper right of the page and find your user name on the Member list. That takes you to your profile and there’s a link for ‘find all posts by this member’ or worded something like that.

You can also click search/advanced search and put in your user name and find all your posts that way.

Use the search that is right above the ad, not the one at the top of the page.

Wow, there are a lot of ways to keep up with things. I will explain how I do it:

Go to the top left part of the site and click on “User Settings”. Scroll down and on the left hand side there is a tab for “Edit Options.” Under the section titled Default Thread Subscription Mode you can choose to subscribe to the threads you post in or start automatically. There is even a setting for having an email sent to your email account every time someone replies.

If you don’t choose to receive emails, but do choose to subscribe to every thread you start and post in, then when you log in you can click on “User Settings” again and it will list each thread you subscribed to with new posts. That’s what I do and it’s how I keep track of the posts I’ve made without having to remember. :slight_smile:

If there is a thread you want to read but you don’t want to post in it, you can still subscribe by clicking on “Thread Tools” on the right hand side at the top of the thread. One of the options is “subscribe to this thread.”

Hope that is not too confusing! :teehee:

Wow! Thanks Maureen! I had no idea we could do all that

I know about these optoins, but do not want email— I would drown.
I do check in regularly and look at the topics.

in the first collum you see a round icon (circle / plate / whatever) - that gets a little “extra” loop… like a planet and a moon …
just look at it, after you posted somewhere… like that you can see if you have posts in a threat. That helps, too.

an icon that changes more visibly would be prefered by me… but, oh well.

I get along really well, and every once in while I mark all forums as read and therefore clear the bold print out for the past.

Oh, and of course you can have private talk in the private messages. just select that method and you can write “emails” inside the page. The replys go to your inbox and you can write straight back.