Confused with pattern

Hi all! I recently started some gloves that I found on Ravelry.
The construction is for the most part easy, I understand everything up until the thumb gusset increase rounds. It states to do the increases on both sides every 4th round then it says “the increases are done on rounds 6, 1, 5, 9 and 4”. Does this make sense to anyone else? If it does, please, please pleeeaaase let me know what the numerical parts are in reference to. Also, it says to end on round 1 before starting the round 2 of the hand eyelet lace and somehow in following the pattern, I have an eyelet right above each one and not farther spaced as it should be. Are there errors through just this part of the pattern or am I messing up? Thank you very much. Also, I have included the link to the pattern.

The increase rows are referring to eyelet lace pattern which is a 9 row repeat. So every 4th row is as given in the pattern: 12345[B]6[/B]789[B]1[/B]234[B]5[/B]678[B]9[/B]123[B]4[/B]56789
I’m not sure I understand the problem with the eyelets. It seems that they happen every 9 rows when you repeat row 1.

It says right before the starting the hand eyelets “end with round 1”, which is where the eyelets start. Before completeing the forearm lace and before starting the hand eyelets, it says " Forearm Eyelet Lace. Rounds 1-9: Work Forearm Eyelet Lace pattern. Repeat Rounds 1-9 for a total of 6 repeats for midforearm length, or 8 full repeats for elbowlength, then repeat Round 1 only. Note, Forearm Eyelet Lace pattern is discontinued after this point." Whereupon it starts the left hand and gusset/hand eyelet continuance. It states to do round 2 which has 2 ktog and yo next to each other, directly above the previous round which made the other 2 eyelets. Am I not understanding this correctly or was that one part written wrong, so I would be finishing to round 9 in the forearm lace and [I]NOT[/I] endig in it’s round 1, but instead the hand eyelet lace round 1?

As I understand it you finish the Forearm Eyelet Lace having completed a row 1 (the eyelet row). You start the Hand Eyelet Lace with row 2 which is all knit. It’s modified in this section because of the increases for the thumb gusset but it’s still basically a knit row.
I don’t see the yo, k2tog next to each other on a row 2. I’m looking at the “Start thumb gusset” directions under Left glove, page 3.

There does seem to be an error in line 6 of Start thumb gusset where it seems that k18, SSK, YO, K7, [B]YO[/B], k2tog, K18 is missing the second YO for the eyelet row (row 1 the next time you get to it).

Thank you, I did see the error and have written her a message to let her know. I guess I’m confused because of the construction of how the pdf is written, as it looks to me and sounds is that after you complete the modified round 2, you continue round 1 as it is written out below that. Is that not how it is meant to be written?

Work the repeats of the Forearm lace ending with row 1 and then work the Hand lace rows 2-9. When you get up to row one again, use the row that’s written out, the one with the error. It is a bit confusing but the spacing between eyelet rows should stay the same throughout.

Okay, thank you for taking the time to help me out and clear this up for me! :smiley: