Confused with pattern



I’m well confused. I’m knitting the teddy romper from let’s knit magazine.

I’ve done the front part.

On the back I’ve got all the way to the straps. It says cont without shaping. However it says k8 cast off 16 knit remainder stitches. I had knitted and casted off. I think I should have 8 stitches remaining which means 16 in total.

Unfortunately I have 32 St’s left plus the 8 on a holder.

Where have I gone wrong?


Can you post just the instructions for the shaping? Don’t post any more than that as we respect copyrights.
How many sts do you have on the needle when you begin the shaping? Is there a specific name for the pattern?


It’s a teddy bear romper. I should have 58 St’s before shaping. Then it is short rows.

It says

Row 1.knit to last four St’s then turn

Row 2 knit to last four St’s turn

Row 3 knit to last eight St’s then turn

Row 4 knit to last eight St’s then turn

Then see pattern

Row 10 has knit to last 20 St’s and turn

It doesnt decrease

What am I doing wrong



Yes, as you say, it doesn’t decrease. The shaping is merely short rows.
Does the pattern give you a stitch count after the “knit 8, bind off 16, knit remaining sts?”
Have you read ahead to see how the pattern deals with the remaining sts?


Hi I’ve sorted it.

The pattern said turn not wrap and turn, therefore decreasing to what it should be.


OK, if that all makes sense, that’s fine. It’s kind of an odd way to express a decrease but if that goes with the pattern definition, that’s all to the good.