Confused with pattern


Can anyone please help i have tried these first two rows many times, tried different ways and still end up with stitches left, want am i doing wrong, this is the only pattern i have had problem with,


Hi, I’ve counted all along Row 1 in the first and second size and the numbers are correct and add up to 114 and 120.
All I can suggest is taking time, using markers between each segment along the row until you establish the pattern and maybe write out the first row with breaks between each of the (many phew!) instructions just to get passed this stumbling block.
Row1 first size,
Repeat p1,k1 5 times( 12 sts in total here!!)
and so on until the end of the row.
Hoping this helps, good luck with it and please let us know how things go with it :smiley:


Thank you I can see now, I have been P1,K1, totally 10 stitches,
Will let you see how I get on.