Confused with pattern

Hi - can anyone help please? The pattern states K3 wrapping yarn round needle twice. Does this mean wrap twice round each of the K3 or just the first of the K 3?

Thank you

Based on what you have there, I’d say you do the double wrap for all three. Any chance you could point to the pattern so we can see what it’s supposed to look like to confirm?

We need to know what you are making and what pattern. Provide if link and/or picture if possible.

It sounds like maybe you’re making a dropped stitch, but without more info I can’t say for sure.

Hi - thank you very much. I have managed to sort it out eventually. You need to K3, wrapping yarn round needle twice on each stitch. Thank you Lewister, you were right. Took me a while to sort it. Thank you

:sweat_smile:That was a close one…wheww…