Confused with my jumper pattern

I’m knitting a jumper for myself as part of a project and as it is my first time knitting from a pattern, some of it is quite confusing…

I decided to atart with the sleeves because i thought it would be easier than starting with the front of the jumper. I’ve managed to finish the ribbed cuff and switch to the larger size needle, but am not sure how to continue. Any tips/explanation of pattern abbreviations would be appreciated :blush:
I have attached a photo of the particular part that is confusing me

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Continue from the cuff in reverse stockinette stitch, that is purl the rows on the right side or public side of the sleeve and knit the rows on the wrong side, or private side of the sleeve. The purl bumps will show when you wear the sweater.
As you work the number of rows for your size, increase on [I]each[/I] end of the needle to widen the sleeve. Start with an increase at each end of row 5 and then rows 13,21,29,37,45 etc until you get to correct number of rows for your size and the correct number of sts. For the smallest size you would finish the last increase on row 93 and have 71sts.
It’s sometimes neater to increase one or two sts in from the edges rather than at the edge.