Confused with instructions

I am adding a different color the instructions are in the ribbing on a sleeve. I have been k1 p1 for a few rows, creating the ribbing. It now says to knit the next row with the new color. Next row rib to the end with the new color. Do I start with a K1, P1 or start with P1,K1. Confused about that whole row of knit in the ribbing. Should it have been a whole purl row following the knit row instead of returning to a rib row?

Are you knitting in the round or knitting flat and seaming? Can you tell us the name of the pattern and give a link please?

They have you knit one row then go back to k1p1 so the purl bumps don’t show on the outside as a different color. If you were knitting in the round just continue as you were before that row. If you were knitting flat do the same thing you’d do on the back as you did before.

I am knitting on the flat, not in the round. So, you think I should start with a K1, P1 for the next row?

Oops, the name of the pattern is The Baseball Jacket from the Debbie Bliss baby cash merino 4 book.
Thank you for your reply

I’ve made this jacket. If it’s the same pattern, continue with the 2nd rib row, p1,k1.
The important thing is to continue the columns of knit and purls in the rib. As Jan said, the knit row in the second color will prevent the little dots of color on the purl sts.

Thank you for your help. It is the same pattern. I had gone ahead before hearing back from you and done the 1st rib row ( K 1, P1) and it appears to be OK. Perhaps it does not matter?

As long as the columns of knits and purls are maintained, it’ll be fine. The knit row kind of fades into the background so that you don’t notice the break in the rib pattern.

OK, now I understand. I can see the difference by continuing the rib pattern. Again, thank you.