Confused with brain fog

I know this is a stupid question but i have been knitting all day and my brain has turned off. The row states cast off 3 sts (okay) k18 including st on needle after cast off. Does this mean i am knitting 18 more be sides the co one. Should i have 19 std when i finish?

Can i shout out to @salmonmac and or @GrumpyGramma i know thst you guys are usually on the site

That would be my guess. What pattern are you making?

It is from a book Bernat #530109 baby love. The pattern is “pram set to knit”. I am working on the back 6 mon size and it is the first row under shape raglan

Is this the pattern?

Yes it is and thank you for taking the time, i figured it out. I should hsve 18 +1 because at the end where i finish knitting the row it equals out. Thank you and i am sorry for wasting your time. Believe it or not if you have seen previous posts i actually posted a picture of 2 that i had completed. I meant it when i said i had brain fog. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE FORUM.