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Hi all, this is my first post and I’m hoping someone may be kind enough to help me understand this instructions so I can finish a newborn cardigan for my unborn grandchild. I’m on the sleeves and have finished the 1x1 rib. I have a total of 31 sts. For the next row it says…
Rib 2 (3,3,1,3), m1, [Rib 2 (2,1,1,1), m1, Rib 3 (2,2,2 2), m1] 5 (6,9,11,11) times, Rib to end. (40 (44,52,58,62) sts. I am knitting the second size. I’m so confused with how many stitches you knit when you ‘rib’ 2 or 3 as not sure if that means two stitches for each rib. Also lost with so many brackets. Would be very grateful if someone would be kind enough to translate for me. Many thanks in advance. Pics below, hope thats ok. 20221014_204414|900x1200

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Congratulations to you and the family on the coming grandchild. That’s wonderful news.
These directions can often be confusing. It helps to circle the size you’re making or just rewrite the directions to make it easier to see.
Rib 3, m1,
[Rib 2, m1, Rib 2, m1] 6 times,
Rib to end.
44 sts.
That’ll make 13 increases and take you from 31 to 44sts.
“Rib” means to work the given number of sts, not the number of actual ribs. So rib 2 means work 2sts, rib 3 means work 3sts.

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