Confused with a knitting pattern

Hi everyone! I have started knitting a baby cardigan but I am confused with the next instruction:
Work even in stockinette stitch with garter stitch button bands for 2 (6) rows.

I’m confused with the ‘garter stitch button band’ part. Do I just do the stockinette stitch for 2 rows and ignore the garter stitch part??!

Thanks in advance!

For a cardigan, you have a button band and a buttonhole band on the fronts. Somewhere in the directions it probably tells you to set up some number of sts in garter for the bands with the remaining sts in stockinette. It may well be at the first row after the cast on. You want to continue the rows with the garter stitch band at one edge. This will make a nice background for the buttons and prevent the stockinette from rolling too much.
Can you give us the name of the pattern or a pattern link?

Ahh thank you, I understand now!
Apologies for the silly question!
Here’s a link to the pattern:
Again many thanks, I can now resume with my knitting!:woohoo:

Thanks so much for the link. I’m on the lookout for baby sweaters and that’s a sweet one. No apologies necessary. It’s a good question.

You’re welcome for the link.
Good luck if you choose to knit it! (Although I’m sure you don’t need luck! )