Confused with a Beanie

Hi everyone, I am super confused on my beanie I am working on. For some reason, My pattern tells me to tbl, through the back loop. Anyone know how to tbl? I would love to continue :x: my beanie.
i.e. K1,*P1 tbl, K1; repeat from *
The pattern is adorable, a cute sort of lacy beanie using alpaca yarn and size 3 needles.

Sure. Knitting through the back look twists the stitch (or tightens it in some cases) and is often used decoratively. Instead of knitting normally you stick the needle in right to left on the back side of the stitch and wrap the yarn under then over. Go to the glossary tab and about 1/3 of the way down you’ll see a link to the video for continental or english style knitting.

Yep, that’s through the back loop. A stitch has 2 legs, one to the front of the needle that you normally knit into, and one to the back of the needle, that twists the stitch. The video on the Glossary page will help you.

That’s how to ktbl, but this is ptbl. It is slightly different. I hope their is a video on it as well. With the working needle you go behind the first stitch and run the needle into the loop behind the needle from [I]left to right[/I]. Purl the stitch from there.

Ack you’re right. There’s a ptbl video on the Glossary page too.

:doh:Weird that both of us missed that, Sue! :lol:

Thank you everyone!!!:yay: :thumbsup: I can now continue my beanie!:woohoo:

I was reading your post more closely than hers, I think… lol