Confused while knitting a cable hat

Hello all,

I am trying to knit a cable hat…
For the RIBBING of the hat…after casting on… The pattern Reads as follows:

Rnds 1 and 2: K4, P1, twice; repeat from * around.
Rnd 3: C4F, P1, twice; repeat from * around.

What does that mean? I’m confused because doing it as it is written meant me just k4,p1 All the way around… And C4f, p1 all the way around. What am I doing twice? And what am I knitting all the way around from the * ?

I know I’m not interpreting it right because it looks nothing like the ribbing on the hat… :wall:

I spent hours knitting it :knitting: Just to rip it all off the circular needle because it was all wrong … :hair:


It could be that it’s just missing the initial * but as written, I agree, it’s confusing. It may be:

Rnds 1 and 2: *(K4, P1), twice; repeat from * around.
Rnd 3: *(C4F, P1), twice; repeat from * around.

The use of “twice” may have something to do with later directions. As far as not looking like the ribbing on the hat, can you post a link to the pattern or to a picture of the hat? What does the ribbing look like? This pattern will give you almost side-by-side cables in the ribbing.

Thank you for responding :hug:

I’m on an iPad it doesn’t allow me to upload pictures so I will have to do it from my laptop when I get home.

The pattern has a star at the beginning of it… I accidentally left that out when typing.

OK, the picture will help. When it asks you to repeat from the *, just go back to the directions following the * and repeat those. So if it’s *K4P1, that’s what you would repeat all the way around.

Did you ever figure this out? I must be attempting the same pattern - a purple slouchy beanie? I don’t understand the twice thing either!

Welcome to Knitting Help! Can you post a link to the pattern or to a picture of the hat?

I’m having trouble uploading a photo of the right size… It is a leisure arts pattern in the booklet called “celebrity knit slouchy beanies for the family”. It is the “truly purple” hat on page 8. It is also shown on the back cover. I have sent the question to the website… Waiting to hear. I think it is a mistake or misprint - others have posted the same question! Will keep you “posted”. Thx!

This hat?

Check the link and read the comments. And search the projects to see if your question is answered. If not make sure to post a few lines of the pattern (not whole thing).