Confused slipper knitter

Hello! I’m following a knitting pattern for a simple pair of slippers.

The part of the pattern that confuses me says “Knit for 32 rows (garter stitch), slip the first stitch purlwise on every row. On the 32nd row knit until you have 1 stitch left.
Gather in the round while switching the last (unknit) stitch of the current row with the first stitch of the next row ( to prevent laddering), place marker in between those 2 stitches.”

I am at the point where I have knitted 31 rows and have 1 unknit stitch on the 32nd row. I’m just really confused by the wording of this pattern. How do I gather in the round while switching the last stitch of the 32nd row with the first stitch of the next row?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Are you working on a small circular needle or on double pointed needles? You need to be able to join the end of the last row to the beginning of the next row.
This video shows a similar technique. It’s for starting a project with an extra stitch cast on but at the 2:17 minute mark, it shows switching the last and first sts. In this video, the extra stitch is dropped over and off the needle. You won’t do that. You’ll simply switch the place of the sts as shown, put a marker between them and continue knitting in the round.

I am using a circular needle. If it’s helpful, here’s the pattern:
I’ll watch the video you linked to. Hopefully that will help. The issue of trying to use one circular needle for a fairly small project also stumped me for a bit, but I did find a video on how to handle that.
Thanks for the response!