Confused! Shaping armholes in vest pattern

Hello everyone!

I’m about 2/3 of the way through a vest for my dad. The pattern can be found here. This is the first vest that I’ve ever made, so I apologise for what might turn out to be a very obvious question.

The vest is knit in 2 panels, front and back, and is knit from the bottom up. The front and back are the same except for the neck (which I haven’t got to yet). The diagram given in the pattern is almost identical to the one shown here for shape (not measurements).

I’m having trouble with shaping the armholes. The pattern says: “BO 2 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Decrease 1 st each edge every RS row 5 (7) times.” Then, work “in pattern” until the desired measurement is reached.

However, if I do this, won’t I will end with one side being straight and the other side indented? According to the picture, both sides should be indented. So shouldn’t I decrease evenly on each side?

Also, if I only decrease on the RS row, doesn’t that leave the vest with only 1 arm hole and one straight side? Or, it seems like I would have the indented edges on opposite sides with the front and back?

In other words, how will only decreasing in the RS rows given me armholes on both sides of the vest?

Hopefully this makes sense and thank you for the help :slight_smile:

This is an easy one to miss.

Decrease [B]1 st each edge[/B] every RS

You work a decrease at each end of the RS row.

Thanks, GrumpyGramma : ) I had a feeling it was probably a silly question :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m reading it right now. So, I’m decreasing a total of two stitches each row, but on each end. Then the WS is just straight across.

Through the pattern, I’ve had 110 pattern stitches across plus one selvage stitch at each end. Do I continue to keep the selvage stitches while I do the armholes?


Continue doing your selvage stitch. Later when you seam it will be much nicer to work with.

This wasn’t a silly question. Learning to spot these things in patterns comes with experience. You’re doing well to be this far in your pattern. I expect your dad will be thrilled.