Confused please help?

I used the link Jan in CA gave me on the general forum… but the term on this pattern doesn’t appear to be listed or maybe it is listed in an alternate format?

The text on the pattern says:
Slip one knitwise

This is on a knitting row, before a decrease.
Can someone explain what it means?

To “slip one knitwise” is to insert your needle into the next stitch [I]as though[/I] you were going to knit it, but without actually drawing the yarn through and making a new loop, simply move that stitch over to the other needle [U]unworked[/U].

You put your needle into the next stitch as if you were going to knit it… but instead of knitting it, just transfer it to your right needle.

To see a video, follow this link:

and then click on the video icons by “[B]sl1k [/B]aka [B]sl 1 k-wise[/B]”.

Hope this helps!

and yes you helped a lot.
I can’t view the videos though, they won’t load on here. But your explanation was great.