Confused over pattern, slip stitches etc

Hi, I am knitting a blanket for my baby who is due in April, and have got a bit stuck. Was wondering if someone could please please explain really really simply how to do this bit:

slip 2 sts purlwise, knit into back of 2nd st on left-hand needle then knit first st in usual way, slipping both sts off neele together.

Really don’t know where to start on how to do it, would be really grateful for any advice.

Thank You

The ‘knit into back of 2nd st, then knit first st and let them slip off the left needle’ sounds right. That’s how you do a left cross or twist stitch, and it’s the old stitches that you slip off. But not the ‘slip 2 sts’ first… Do you have a link to the pattern?

Hi, haven’t got a link to the pattern, but have coppied it directly off the pattern.

Am confused on how to do it?

Just do it one step at a time then…

Slip 2 sts as if to purl
knit into the back leg of the 2nd st on the left needle, leave it there
Knit into the first stitch, let both old sts drop off the left needle like in regular knitting