Confused Over Chart & Written Instruction Contradiction

Hi, I need help figuring out a pattern (Ingrid Stole). The written instructions say one thing and the chart says another (at least the key to the chart does). Would someone please tell me the correct way to do this? The written instructions call for all ws rows to be purled, but the key to the chart gives instructions of what to do for the rs and ws rows. Which one is it? I really appreciate any help I can get!!!

P.S. I’m attaching a picture to show what I’m talking about!

Terrie :knitting:

Did you get the pattern thru Ravelry? I looked thru the comments and one person asked the designer the same thing about 4 months ago. Not sure if the designer responded back to her or not. I would try to contact the designer and ask for clarification.

I think the basic direction is that the WS rows are purled but in the case of a few of the sts (for example the ones you hightlight with the yellow arrows) there are special directions for the WS purl rows. So purl the WS row but when you come to these sts, follow the written directions. I would use a marker after these sts on the RS row so you’ll know when you come to them on the WS (purl side).

The chart and the key are too small for me to read much of, but I can see that only every other row is given. This would be the RS, no wrong side rows are given as far as I can tell, so maybe you just purl them. :shrug:

Yes, only the RS rows are shown on the chart, so for the WS rows follow the written directions to purl them.

Suzeeq - the written directions say two different things. Don’t they? Are you saying I should purl all the ws rows? I’m easily confused…hehehe! Thanks for your help!!

No, the directions in the chart that you posted don’t say 2 different things. It says in the yellow box that [I][U]only the RS rows are on the chart and to purl the WS rows[/U][/I]. The chart key is a universal one used in charting software and gives instructions for both RS and WS boxes even though there aren’t any WS boxes on this pattern. Other patterns may use the WS row directions, but the key can’t be edited for those that don’t. Look at the numbers on the R edge of the chart, they’re only the odd ones, the RS row, there are no even rows on this chart. That’s another clue that you won’t do the chart on the WS rows, so just ignore what it says for them in the symbol key. IF the WS rows were included on the chart you’d do the WS row instructions for those boxes.

More clear now?

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!!!

Really! Thank you so much for clarifying that!!! I’m still learning how to work with charts. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have people like you to help me!!! I’ve been knitting for a few years now, but I do so many different things (like painting and cross-stitch) that I guess it’s taking me longer than usual.