Confused on what to do next in pattern

That is the pattern I am working on. I just finished up to Round 6 where it says 56 sts. I have 56 sts and everything has been fine until now and I’ve understood.

But not sure what to do now?

You can read it, but it says to continue pattern, repeating cable twist every 6th round, increasing 1 st each side of thumb gore every 3rd round 5 times more, having 2 sts more between incs. After each successive in. round; 66 sts in round. Work 1 even round

I understand the whole increasing when I need to thing, and the cable twist. But continue what pattern? Obviously I don’t start from the beginning and just do it all again because then I’ll just have way too many stitches?

I’m just not 100% sure what I’m supposed to be “continuing”

Reading the rest of the pattern underneath that just starts explaining the fingers part.

Thanks in advance

Continue working rounds like round 2. You’ll be working the cable panel but without the twist for most of the rounds. On the 6th round do the cable cross.