Confused on pattern - cast on at end of knitted rows, increase at beginning of purl row

I’m a novice knitter working on my first sweater. The pattern says to knit to the end of the first row, cast on 3 stitches (front edge). 2nd row: Increase in 1st stitch purl ways, purl to end.

Can I cast on the same way I do when casting on my first row before beginning to knit?

I’ve seen videos of increasing in a purl row, but they only show it in the middle of the row, not the end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

So you’ve cast on X number of stitches and you’ve begun by knitting along to the end of the first row.

Simply, as you say, cast on three more stitches (knit wise). Turn and Purl the first stitch, don’t move it off the left needle and then just purl a second stitch.

Not as hard as it sounds - would help if you could scan your pattern (or an extract) so we can see the details?

Hope this helps?


Hi and welcome!
The easiest way to do the cast on is to turn the work, that is, take the needle with the stitches in your left hand and use a knit or cable cast on for the 3sts. Then you’re ready to purl. For the increase you can do this increase at the end of the row. If the increase at the end of the purl row repeats in following rows, this increase will work. For this particular increase in row 2, you could also just cable or knit cast on 4sts instead of 3sts.

You can either CO at the end of the knit row with a backward loop, then when you turn and purl, increase 1 by pfb and purl the new stitches. Or you can turn and use a knit CO to add 3, and pfb in the first st when you purl them.